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Architectural Services - Newnan Georgia - Pictured: Art House
Architectural Services - Newnan Georgia - R. Dale Wilkin, A.I.A.
About Dale Wilkin

Dale attended the College of Design, Architecture, and Art at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. The cooperative experience program at U. C. took him to Alabama where he gained drafting and detail knowledge.  While working for an architect in Florence, AL, Dale designed and built from scratch his first home, a geodesic dome.  In 1974, Dale returned to Ohio for a short time to design and contract a large timber frame home for his parents.

In 1978, he moved to Georgia bringing his dome home with him.  From 1978 to 1984, Dale worked in corporate architecture designing banks and retail grocery stores.  He also worked with a Japanese construction firm where he got onsite construction experience coordinating the design and construction of a large industrial plant. Beginning in 1984, he worked for several large architectural firms in the Atlanta area.  He worked on the details and design of a MARTA station.  He also worked on renovations to a state building in Atlanta and on public school building renovations. 

In 1986, Dale went to work for a small architectural firm in Newnan, GA.  He participated in the design of local commercial buildings, as well as, numerous county and city buildings.  He also was involved in the design of nursing facilities around the state.  In 1994, Dale spent a couple of years working with an architect in South Georgia, where he gained valuable experience in the design and construction of large public school buildings.

In 1996, Dale hung his shingle for Architectural Services.   Appropriately, his office is now housed at 139 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA in that same geodesic dome house that he built and designed at the age of 21.  Architectural Services has designed many projects to include churches, manufacturing facilities, county and city buildings, commercial/retail stores, restaurants, and residences throughout Coweta County and other parts of the state of Georgia.  Dale’s love of historical structures has made him especially adept at renovations and additions to historical buildings and residences.  He is a strong believer in constructive reuse of historic properties and has always worked hard to preserve their integrity while improving their functionality.

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